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Mountain Biking and Gravity sport activities involve elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help to reduce.

Please, READ CAREFULLY and adhere to the responsibility code and share a safe experience with others. The regulation below is applied throughout the whole territory. When accessing the Fassa Bike District, bike park zone and lifts, bikers are aware of the difficulty of each trail highlighted by sign at the trailhead as well as on the websites and

Access to the Fassa Bike District and its trails involves the biker taking full responsibility for his conduct, the consequences deriving from it, and full acceptance of the regulation.

No responsibilities are due to lift companies, bike park operators, municipality, land owners or other subjects, who decline any responsibility.

1. Before riding, check if the trail meets your ability level and your equipment. You must be technically able to ride in control safely, without endangering themselves and others.

2. You must adjust your speed and riding according to the trail features. In case of need, please contact Sport Check Point offices to have more information or to hire bike instructors and guides.

3. It is mandatory to always wear a helmet and equipment suitable for the type of path / itinerary you’re going to ride.

Inside the Bike area it is mandatory to wear an approved full-face helmet and other protective equipment such as back/elbow/knee protectors. It is strongly recommended the use of gloves, technical pants, shoes, neck brace and MTB goggles. Different rules may apply during races, competitions and contests.

4. To ensure both your safety and the safety of the other bikers, please ensure your equipment and bike are in perfect conditions. If something doesn’t work, please use one of our Service Points and have your bike and your equipment checked by a qualified bike mechanic before you start riding.

5. It is mandatory to respect all signs and warnings along the trails, paying attention to road crossings, pedestrian crossings and access roads. You must pay attention and slow down especially when approaching a secondary dirt road and road crossings: yield to vehicles, motorbikes and people.

6. When entering a trail you must look uphill and yield to other riders, keep a safe distance from riders ahead of you. You must ride in such a manner that you can stop and avoid any biker and object on the trail in front of you. Do not stop in the middle of the trail or where you are not visible to any incoming rider.

7. It is mandatory to follow the instructions provided by the Fassa Bike DISTRICT and lifts company staff.

8. It is your responsibility to avoid bikers, people, animals and everything that is not expected on the trail, pedestrians, hikers and other track users have the right of way. The tracks of the bike park are forbidden to pedestrians, if in any case a person is walking on the track it is mandatory to brake and let it pass, or pass it at very low speed.

9. Stay on marked trails. Keep-off closed trails and areas.

10. Please assist if you are involved in or witness a collision or accident: dial emergency number 112; call and identify yourself to Bike Park District staff and lift facility offices.

11. When riding in the Fassa Bike District Area photo or video shooting could be done by professional photographers for promotional purposes. Bike Area management undertakes to use the above-mentioned material in accordance with the law, avoiding situations which can compromise personal dignity and respectability of the filmed person. The setting and use of images is to be considered free. Buying a bike pass during races, contests and other events means a tacit approval of use and publication of images and that releases the Bike Area management (or its representatives) of any public and criminal liability.

12. Do not feed, provoke or approach wildlife. If you see a cow, sheep or other animals give them plenty of room and do not disturb them.

13. Do not destroy nature and respect the environment around you! Take all trash with you: please leave no trace!

14. Expert and local riders are asked to guide the new guest riders along the trails and make them respect the Bike Park Responsibility Code.

15. Lifts and trails can close without any warning or refund because of weather conditions, interruption of electricity supply or other particular necessities.

16. Stay off the lifts and out of the Bike Park if your ability is impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol.

17. During your first ride on every trail, even if you know it, you must ride at a slow speed to check the terrain and features. Be aware of changing conditions of trails throughout the day after many passages or due to weather conditions.

18. On the trails you can find jumps, bridges, northshores and rocks. Before facing them, check that they are within your reach, if you have any doubts avoid them, and use the variants.

19. Hiking in any direction and uphill biking on the Bike Park trails is not permitted. Downhill riding only. It is also forbidden to drive any kind of vehicle on trails.

20. It is forbidden to modify Bike Park trails and structures.

21.The rain and the weather conditions makes trails more dangerous, we recommend you to be more careful.

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