Superenduro 2017

  • 56 km
  • 600 m
  • 3000 m
  • Full day
  • 5 lifts
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Superenduro 2017

Official track of the Superenduro 2017 in Canazei.

Superenduro 2017
Superenduro 2017

The start is from the square of Canazei.

The first liaison along the SS48 takes you to the Belvedere Cable Car, where you take the two lifts to the top of Col de Rossi with about 900mt of altitude difference. Once at the top you go down a white road then on the left you will find the start of Stage1.

The stage is very long with different ground conditions. The first part is completely open and develops in the bikepark on a particularly soft soil. Coming out of this section, with direction towards the Pecol village, you meet a very fast section through undergrowth with some off camber and roots. Immediately after the trail becomes steeper and runs portion of the old downhill Electric Line track. Then it joins into the 9.90 line where the slope is less steep but the technical level remains high due to the many roots. After there is a short uphill on a white road until you reach the North Shore, a portion of the trail characterized by wooden features and steep slope until the end ot the stage.

The transfer to Stage2 drives you to the village of Campitello di Fassa along the cycle path, where you step on the Col Rodella cable car that ascends for about 800m. Once at the top you go down a white road and then along the ski slope. After about a kilometer you take a path to the right and a very short walk takes you to the Stage2 Start.

This Stage is entirely in the wood above Canazei. The first part crosses the slope with numerous short pedaled sections and then begins a very fast line with wide turns on roots until the Lupo Bianco area. The Stage continues on gravel and then dives into a undergrowth section, very rhythmic with a series of fast curves around trees. Once out of this section, you face a steep uphill of about 150 meters that leads you to the ski slope. The trail then enters in the final portion of the Stage that runs on a wide roadway that ends just above the village of Canazei.

The liaison to Stage3 goes down to Canazei with direction Belvedere cable car. With the two lifts used before you reach the top of Col de Rossi. Once at the summit the liaison continues along a white road with a breathtaking panorama on the Marmolada glacier, Sassolungo and Pordoi mountains. The start of Stage3 is on the Pordoi Pass.

Stage3 starts from the Pordoi Pass with a single track. Then it runs along a ski slope until you arrive to a small lake where you meet a pedaling section that runs around it. Then a small climb takes you to the downhill section. Here a series of corners and jumps end in a taped meadow. The Stage now becomes very physical, characterized by an “Infinity” of turns and relocations on a bed of larch roots. After crossing the ski slope again the trail runs through the woods, but this time with open and fast lines. Then it’s time for another taped section on a ski slope that requires a lot of energy. Then it’s forest again along the mountainside with a fast guided sigle track.

Than the direction to Campitello di Fassa. Once you arrive at the Caminetto Resort take the road with direction Pian Village. This pedaled liaison is about 6 km long with tarmac and white road.

This is completely new trail, entirely in the undergrowths of larches and pines. After a first fast pedaled section you enter into a guided line where the slope will give the rhythm of the stage with a series of curves.

Liaison to Stage5 leads you back to Campitello di Fassa on a white road and then along the cycle path towards Canazei until you reach the Belvedere cable car that takes you to Start of Stage5.

The Stage5 repeats.

Superenduro 2017

Evoc Uvex 5 Ten Cannondale ION WD-40
Sport Check Point APT Val di Fassa Dolomiti Unesco

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