Freeride can be regarded as the real downhill discipline of Gravity. Freeriders use to ride in bikeparks, but they can also pedal and carry bikes on their shoulders in order to reach the most secluded and extreme areas. Downhill sections can be quite challenging, up to S5 degree on the STS scale. As the level of risk could be quite elevated, the requested training level is particularly high.

Bike type

In Freeride a solid and multipurpose bike is requested. According to the tour, you can use either an enduro or a freeride one. The bike must be extremely performing in the downhill parts, but at the same time bikers must be able to easily pedal uphill. Such kind of bikes are full suspensed. Their suspension travel ranges between 150 and 180 mm. Brakes are hydraulic, seats are telescopic, wheels measure 27,5” – 29”. Over the last years Freeride bikes have been increasingly equipped with a single front chainring and a 11-12 speed rear derailleur. As concerns our area, we suggest you to use a single front chainring of maximum 28-32 theet.

Bike wear

We recommend mountain bike clothing and bike gloves, knee and elbow pads, helmet (if you ride in a bikepark a full face helmet is required), backpack with wind jacket and some spare tubes.

Choose your tour among the 24 different proposal offered by Fassa Bike. Select the best tour according to typology, difficulty level on STS scale, length, physical effort and period of the year…and then book it!!
Most of our tours are located in Val di Fassa, but we also organize tours in Val di Fiemme, Riva del Garda and Val Venosta.

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