Cross Country

Cross Country (abbreviated XC) is the only Mtb discipline which is part of the Summer Olimpic Games programme. It is commonly considered as a bike discipline practiced on long dirt roads which can also cover significant altitude gains and losses. In this case, riding technique is not the main feature. Speed and ability to ride fast for long distances do play the most important part.

Bike Type

XC bikes have suspensions only on the front fork. The suspension travel (the amplitude of the suspension movement) ranges between 80 and 100 mm. French XC biker Julien Absalon took part to last World Championship with a full suspensed bike, introducing a new interesting aspect in the field of Cross Country. Bike geometries are quite slim and aggressive, while the position on the saddle resembles the one of road cycling, enabling bikers to best express their physical strenght. XC bikes are generally equipped with 29” wheels (somebody is also testing 27,5” ones), hydraulic disc brakes with a rotor diameter ranging between 140 and 160 mm. Frames are made of carbon as the other bike components (professionists’ bike can weigh only 8-9 kg). Also the wheel section is very reduced and measures 1,9” or 2,1”. Such kind of bikes are obviously designed to ride fast and to keep a constant speed for a long time. They have a double front chainring and then rear speeds. XC bikes have recently been equipped with electric groupsets also in the 11×1 version.

Bike Wear

XC pro-bikers suits look very similar to road cyclists’ ones: Lycra shorts with seat pad, Lycra shirt with zip, full finger padded gloves, sunglasses, light and aerodynamic helmet. If you want to ride really fast, shoes must be rigid and exclusively suited for SPD pedals.

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