Superenduro 2016

  • 40 km
  • 1000m
  • 1700m
  • Full day
  • 4 lifts
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Superenduro 2016

(Italiano) Il tracciato ufficiale della gara del campionato Superenduro a Canazei 2016.

Superenduro 2016
Superenduro 2016

Try the race trails of the Canazei Superenduro race 2016.

The race starts from the main square in Canazei.
The first liaison reaches the town of Campitello di Fassa and follows with the lifts of Col Rodella (800m D+). Once at the top riders will descend along a dirt road and then rapidly along a ski slope where they’ll meet a steep path on the right (portage) that leads to the start of the PS1.

(2,7km – 408m D-) The start is a very panoramic ridge and after the first two slightly uphill sections riders will enter the woods. The PS is very impressive with natural ground, a lot of roots and changes of direction. After crossing several dirt roads riders will reach a small hut where PS1 ends.

Here stars the liaison for the PS2.
Once reached the Lupo Bianco village take the Pordoi road towards the pass, this is one of the historic climb of the Giro d’Italia. After 4 km you reach village of Pecol where the PS2 starts.

9.90 – PS2 (1,4km – 297 D-) This PS is also this is entirely in the woods above Canazei, but the trail is completely man built. In the first half is technical with tight curves, different jumps and root sections and bridges, while the second part, after passing through a rockgarden, the PS continues with a very rhythmic and dynamic long traverse that ends at the second dirt road.

The third liaison descends to Canazei along the Pordoi road towards the starting area that will host the Time Control (CO) and a feed zone.
After the CO, riders will take the 2 Belvedere lifts that will take them to the summit of Col de Rossi (900mt D+). Once at the top the liaison continues along a dirt road with a breathtaking panorama with Marmolada on the right, the Sassolungo on the left and Pordoi in front. The E-MTB category after the first Belvedere lift will do the rest of the liaison without the aid of the second lift.

FREERIDE PORDOI – PS3 (3,5km – 478 D-) Marked on a high mountain meadow the third PS runs along the ski slopes towards the village of Pont de Vauz, where rider will take another lift and reach the Pordoi Pass.
Just across the road they’ll find the start of PS4.

INFINITY VOL2 – PS4 (5,1km – 719 D-) This PS was used also for the 2015 Italian Championship. It starts from the Pordoi pass with a single trail, but near a lake that it enters in a man built section bike park style. Then it continues until village of Pecol along the lines the park. Once crossed the parking area it gets in the forest along the DH Electric Line until the first gravel road where they will turn right along the final part of the Infinity trail.

Superenduro 2016

Lift from Arabba to the Pordoi pass

Superenduro 2016

Superenduro Canazei - PS1

Superenduro 2016

Riders on the Lift to the Pordoi pass

Superenduro 2016

Col Rodella

Superenduro 2016

Rider to the PS3

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