Sass de la Crousc Tour

  • 26,5 km
  • 1455 m
  • 2041 m
  • Full day
  • 2 lifts
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Sass de la Crousc Tour

Very demanding tour in alpinist style around Sass de la Crousc.

Sass de la Crousc Tour
Sass de la Crousc Tour

Starting from Badia (1.345 m – Val Badia) we will reach Sass de la Crousc Refuge (2.040 m) with the help of two lifts. Riding along a fascinating high altitude path we will get to La Val (1.353 m – Val Badia). We will then pedal and carry our bikes up to the Sent Antone Pass (2.468 m), which overlooks the gorgeous hollow of Fanes. We will easily ride down a scree slope and reach the Fanes Refuge (2.041 m). We will then face the bike portage climb up to the Medesc saddle. We will then catch a path leading to La Villa and return to the chairlift parking riding along the cycle route. The tour is quite challenging in some parts as bikers are required to carry bikes on their shoulders.

What´s more, some sections show a degree of level S4 on STS scale.


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Sass de la Crousc Tour

Giro del Sasso della Croce - l'erosione dell'acqua sulla roccia dolomitica

Sass de la Crousc Tour

Giro del Sasso della Croce - discesa dalla forcella Medesc

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