Bike Parks & Tours  in the Dolomites: Unesco World Heritage  

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25-26 June 2016




With the official  F.C.I. FassaBike Guides for fabulous tours

– All Day Tours

Challenging tour through the beautiful Dolomites. Sellaronda tour through the famous four Ladin valleys, around Sasso Lungo to discover the highlands of Scigliar . Read More..

– Multy Days Tour

Beautiful days Enduro or XC style across the edges of the Unesco World Heritage. Huts, Refuges and bivouacs places to sleep. Searching the most beautiful single track, bike parks in the Dolomites. Read more…

Tours for kids

Accompaniment children till 15 years. Individual and group lessons for 2-3 hours. Super kids: a weekly course of 3 excursions for the price of 2.  Read more…

– Bike Technique

To refine your riding technique on trails or in Bike Parks. Balance, curves, technical uphill and downhill, overcoming obstacles, etc., all for safetyon Bike!! Read more…

Who we are

Fassa Bike is an association of friends that have in common a great passion for “fat wheels”: from excursionism to Downhill, from Freeride to Dirt-Jump, from northshore to dirt, to bmx.

Fassa Bike is the result of an idea two guys, elDava (Stefano Davarda) freerider par excellence and Willy (William Basilico) excursionist with a passion for freestyle and sometimes mtb athlete. Actually Roccia (Roland Rasom) and Russo (Matteo Soraperra) works with us, on Buffaure works Cuzol  (Erik Dantone) . The project was supported by passionate of many friends who motivated and pushed us until we realized this idea. Fass Bike wants to import and let grow these sports into an area that ignored their existance until now.

Today the amateurish sports association Fassa Bike takes care of the whole project which is leading to a development of these activities in the Fassa valley. ElDAva and Willy are committed to keep the association’s and the parks’ profile constantly high in order to assure your amusement and your safety.

Eco Concept

One of the aims of this project is to sensitize the tourits in order to make them get in touch with nature in a more conscientious way.

The bike is able to replace the car in almost every shift within the valley. This is healthy for our bodies and helps us protect the planet, our planet.